Our Five Core Commitments


1. We will provide you with a highly skilled, fully qualified DSA Approved Driving Instructor, cultured and trained in what we believe to be the best and most effective driving instruction methods in the industry. Your instructor will deliver to you the most relevant and effective driving and manoeuvring techniques, and will use the meDriving Track Record (our industry leading progress monitoring tool) as a means of communicating and representing your progress towards test success.

2. We will provide instruction at the very highest levels of care, respect, punctuality and professionalism (Please see our Training Charter below for terms of our Professionalism Guarantee).

3. We will deliver bespoke instruction pertinent to your experience, learning style and driving ambitions as they relate to and agree with DSA published test standards. We will endeavour to teach you the way that suits you and will deliver instruction specifically designed to create the driving style that we will develop with you from the beginning of your course.

4. We will deliver instruction in a time efficient and cost sensitive way. We hold in the highest regard your decision to employ our services and your expectation of excellent value. We guarantee (see Training Charter and Professionalism Guarantee) full training periods, deducting cost or adding time as is preferred in cases where lessons are delayed or interrupted.

5. We will remain dedicated to the concept of friendliness and gentleness coexisting with passion and determination in driving instruction. We believe in the ‘non-mutual-exclusivity’ of excellence and compassion – we will be nice people as well as the best instructors in the business. No tyrannical nonsense.



Training Charter & Terms and Conditions



We offer a full refund for lessons that are conducted in breach of our Training Charter if reported on within 48 hours.*


1. The company is committed to providing the best driver training available in the industry. We commit to providing instructors trained in the best instructional techniques within the industry and commit to fostering the very highest standards of inter-personal care, courtesy and consideration in all our instructors and throughout the business.

2. The instructor commits to conducting themselves in the most professional manner and operating by the highest standards of personal conduct. The instructor is committed to providing the very best and most effective training methods and techniques known to them and to delivering them in the very best and most professional manner.

3. Both the company and the instructor stand against all discrimination and commit fiercely to being a fair and equal provider of services to all ages, genders, ethnicities, abilities, cultures and religions.

4. The instructor commits to the use of a Track Record or similar progress monitoring aide in the tuition of each individual pupil.

5. The instructor commits to designing a course of practical training to meet the specific needs of each individual pupil.

6. The instructor commits to being prepared to recommend the latest methods for training and studying for the theory test known and established in the industry.

7. The instructor commits to being punctual and will contact the pupil before the scheduled start time of the lesson if he will conceivably arrive more than five minutes after that start time.

8. The instructor commits to providing relevant feedback at the conclusion of every lesson and regularly updating the track record.

9. The instructor commits to providing training for the full period of time agreed to with the pupil.

10. The instructor commits to monitoring the progress of their pupil and advising them on when it is appropriate to both book and, ultimately, sit their practical driving test.

11. The instructor commits to providing a fully test compliant training car for the test where pupil’s test readiness is endorsed by the instructor.

12. The instructor commits to paying the re-booking fee for any test cancelled due to a training car compliance failure when it has been agreed to be the designated test vehicle except when the failure is beyond their reasonable ability to avoid.

13. The instructor will contact the pupil at the earliest possible occasion before the scheduled commencement of the lesson if for any reason they have to cancel or rearrange it.

14. The instructor commits to providing a smoke free, clean and tidy training environment.

15. The instructor commits to providing a modern, well- maintained training vehicle fitted with dual controls, instructor mirrors and legally required learner plates.

16. The instructor commits to providing a training vehicle fully insured for the pupil to drive in all legally permitted B-test training environments.

17. The instructor agrees to provide training on a one-to-one basis with the pupil except with agreement from the pupil.

18. The instructor commits to dealing with issues of complaint and grievance promptly, respectfully and without strife.

19. The company, similarly commits to dealing with all issues of complaint and grievance raised to it without partiality, reservation or delay.



Terms and Conditions


1. Driving lessons will be extended wherever possible when pupils arrive within ten minutes of the scheduled start time. Arrivals beyond ten minutes after the scheduled start time may not be compensated for and the scheduled conclusion of the lesson will normally not be extended beyond ten minutes.

2. Pupils should use appropriate footwear for driving. Backless, unsecured or particularly loose footwear are not permissible for driving and instructors may refuse to conduct lessons if acceptable footwear cannot be obtained before the scheduled start of the lesson.

3. When driving (in the driving seat and in motion) responsibility for compliance with all driving rules and regulations lies ultimately with the pupil. Whilst the instructor endeavours to structure the lesson to meet the training needs but not exceed the ability of the pupil, any actions leading to penalties or fines made during the lesson, including exceeding any designated speed limits, will be the responsibility of the driver of the vehicle at the time of their commission.

4. During lessons pupils will be required to give prompt and clear verbal responses to questions, to as far an extent as is reasonable, to aide the tuition process and the successful conduction of the lesson.

5. The instructor retains the right to suspend or cancel the lesson at anytime should they deem it unsafe to continue for whatever reason.

6. The instructor retains the right to cancel or rearrange the lesson in any event and will inform the pupil of the change in schedule at the earliest possible occasion.

7. It is incumbent upon the pupil to demonstrate test readiness in order for the instructor to make available the training car for use on the test. Pupils must demonstrate readiness through track record reporting and mock testing. Instructors reserve the right , at any point, to refuse to release the training car for use on the test if pupils cannot demonstrate test readiness.

8. Pupils should present any complaints or issues of dissatisfaction to the instructor. Any issues of grievance raised will be addressed when the car is stationary. If the issues raised cannot be dealt with to the satisfaction of the pupil they should contact the lead instructor via the training office telephone number or write to training office address.


9. Payment for lessons should be made at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled commencement and ideally when the lesson is booked.

10. Payment can be made by cash or, if the instructor accepts, credit or debit card. Cheques may be issued if acceptable to the instructor and should be made payable to the instructor. Cheques should be presented a minimum of ten working days prior to the scheduled lesson date to which the payment applies.

11. Refunds due will be made by either cheque, cash or debit/credit card to the payer.

12. A £15 cash deposit should be paid for the loan of each theory test training item. Deposits on loaned items are refundable one week after return to allow for their working order to be assessed. Deposit returns of £30 and under will be made in cash. Deposits returns over £30 may be made by cheque to the payer.

13. Lesson cancellations must be made a minimum of 48 hours prior to the scheduled start of that lessons. Cancellations made less than 48 hours prior to scheduled commencement will be deemed late and a charge will be made for the cancelled lesson. The first two late cancellations by will be charged at 75% of the lesson rate. All subsequent late cancellations will be chargeable at the full lesson rate.

* Maximum refund of the value of 2 hours of instruction. Forty-eight hour notice period not inclusive of bank holidays and weekends.