Booking Driving Lessons

Don’t be afraid to ask questions when choosing a driving school and/or instructor – whether it be through a friend’s recommendation or via the internet. Who you choose to teach you can make all the difference to when and how you pass the test.


The school should be… 

  • prepared and equipped to help you through the whole process
  • able to schedule lessons that suit you as well as the instructor.


The instructor should be…

  • an excellent communicator – this is the key difference between an average instructor and a really good one; between struggling to pass the test and passing with confidence
  • punctual, well presented and professional in his/her conduct – unprofessionalism partners bad instruction.


 The car should be… 

  • modern, clean and well maintained.


Consider carefully what is on offer before committing to an instructor or school. Many schools, for example, give 45 or 50 minute-long lessons rather than one hour. You should bare this in mind when considering rates. And remember: you are paying good money for instruction – there is no justification for sub-standard or poorly delivered instruction.