Your Lessons

Driving is a multi-faceted skill. Like all skills, you, your tools and the training environment must be well prepared for you to get the most out of your practise. Below is a simple guide to preparing yourself well for your driving lessons. Your instructor should take care of the rest.


Sleep Well

It is important to be alert and able to focus during your driving lesson. A lack of focus can affect your ability to put into practise what you have learned, process information and respond to situations on the road. Insufficient sleep, a stressful day, emotional distress – these all militate against a good lesson. Do your best to ensure you have sufficient sleep the night before your lesson and take sufficient breaks in your work day if your lesson is in the evening. If you are emotionally stressed be honest with yourself. If you feel you are unable to concentrate, let your instructor know and he will help you decide what is best to do.


Eat Something

If your lesson is early in the morning, bare in mind that most people will need to eat something prior to their lesson, however small, in order to maintain concentration through out its duration. Avoid a hefty meal just before your lesson, though. After a big meal your blood supply is focused on your stomach, not your brain, which is why a nap after dinner is often so appealing and anything that involves effort, not so.


Good Shoes

There are a few kinds of footwear that your instructor will not allow you to wear whilst driving, namely any kind that is not secure at the heal (e.g. flip-flops, house slippers, backless sandals). Apart from these, most footwear is OK but you are best advised to wear comfortable, fairly slim-soled, flat shoes. Also, don’t overdress – remember you are taking your lesson indoors, albeit outside.



The Secret to Having a Good Driving Lesson:

Stop worrying and enjoy it!. Why?…


…Because the training car is statistically one of the safest vehicles on the road (instructors insurance is particularly cheap). Your instructor has dual controls and can override any significant errors without much effort at all…

…Because mistakes are good! They are part of the learning process (a driving lesson without mistakes – now there’s something to worry about!)…

…Because it is not your job to get yourself ready for the test – it is your instructor’s.

And you are at your best – your most receptive – when you’re enjoying yourself. So enjoy yourself! Getting stressed out really isn’t worth it. Take it at your own pace. Make it your number one goal to enjoy the lesson and you’ll be doing the most important thing you can possibly do to get the most out of every lesson you take.

A Final Tip

Five minutes before your lesson starts have a quick look over the previous lesson’s notes – just for five minutes. This will help you get back into the swing of things much quicker than you would otherwise.