Recent feedback from our pupils:


I’ve had a lovely experience with Medriving, its been lots of fun. [My instructor] has been an excellent instructor and he will try to teach you everything he can about driving and that’s why I’m better than him now! I honestly recommend everybody to learn how to drive with Medriving.

M. Sania, Watford


The lessons were very good. The instructions were clear and if there was a misunderstanding or something was unclear [my instructor] would talk with you and help you through it.

P. Sarma, Bricket Wood


My instructor was very patient, polite and professional. He helped build up my confidence so that when I passed I would feel comfortable in a car on my own. I felt like I had 100% commitment from him and he gave me the real drive I needed in order to pass first time. Thank you so much, I really enjoyed the whole experience.

B. Grindley, Radlett


Though instructing is your living you care about the spender also.

Q. John Ledlam, Borehamwood


My instructor was always on time and as a result I passed my test with flying colours.

“Anon”, Watford


I found the lessons enjoyable, relaxing and they really helped me.

Harry Gough, Shenley


Through the patience and consideration of my instructor I was able to build my confidence on the road in order to pass first time. I would recommend him to anyone hoping to learn to drive.

M Ramble-Wallace, Radlett


Learning to drive with [my instructor] was a great experience. He explains everything in detail and always made sure I understood what I had to do. I will certainly recommend him to my friends.

L. Grindlay, Radlett


Having driving lessons with medriving was great fun and so convenient because they were easily arranged at times I chose. I was able to learn at a pace that suited me in every lesson without any pressure which made driving an enjoyable experience rather than a stressful one! When I passed I felt totally confident on the roads because of the skills and experience that me driving taught me. Definitely recommend taking driving lessons with medriving!

R. Tan, Borehamwood


[My instructor] was a very good driving instructor. He always kept me up to date and made sure I passed first time as all drivers want to.

B. Calnan, Watford


Me driving met the challenge!

Hugh Gough, Watford


Thanks again for the lessons. One sentence to sum up the lessons: “well structured and individually-catered lessons giving, for me, an excellent and enjoyable learning experience”.

J. Johnson Crooks, Watford


My instructor was very organised and patient. He help me learn and adapt to the driving in the UK. My work time changes every week and he was flexible in organising lessons, even during evenings and weekends. When he advised me I was ready I felt confident and prepared, not only to pass the test, but to be a safe driver. You are very confident and passionate to the profession. I would highly recommend you.

B. Alam, Watford


I haven’t pass my driving practical test for past 8 times(London, Cambridge,……), After I joined MeDriving I passed my test with 5 minor mistakes. It’s really good place to learn correct procedure (how to drive), I am telling you honestly, MeDriving is a very good for learning to drive .

M. Kanna, Watford


[My instructor] is thorough and patient – great if, like me, you need precise instructions on parking and manoeuvres. I was rattled from not passing the first time, but he was reassuring and worked on my weak point (which involved countless circuits on the Watford Ring Road) until I was comfortable and got it right.

A. L. Lim, Radlett


I moved down to the Watford area from Wales. My instructor was very relaxed and gave me a whole bunch of confidence. I would recommend MEDRIVING to anybody as the level or experience/tutoring you receive is second to none. I would like to thank MEDRIVING for helping me pass my test first time.

Tom, Chalfont St Peter


You gave me the knowledge and confidence to become a good driver not just a test passer.

N. Bailey, Rickmansworth


I felt very comfortable with you. I have and will still highly recommend you. You really give honest and constructive feedback. Thanks again.

C. Keyes, Borehamwood


Honest with progress, and a good teacher.

D. Miller, Radlett